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LIFTiD Review: The first in a new generation of consumer tDCS devices

LIFTiD represents a growing trend in a new generation of consumer tDCS devices where these devices are typically optimized to facilitate and/or enhance a certain task that a user is performing, enabling the user to not only be confident in the efficacy of the stimulation they are obtaining, but to also not worry about precise positioning of the electrodes on the head

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The plight of tDCS marketing

An article was recently published on Nature giving a great overview on the current state of transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS)—along with the context surrounding neuromodulation in general. An important point this piece brings up toward the end—is the free-for-all nature of the current state of marketing for tDCS.

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tDCS: The Goliath of Neuromodulation
Swedish health tech startup aims to treat depression with new medical grade headset

With the rise in popularity of tDCS use at home, comes the promise of countless new start-ups looking to develop the next revolutionary treatment for depression; Swedish health tech startup Flow Neuroscience, aims to do just that.

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Brain stimulation for creativity and the arts

A recent article posted on -- a well known worldwide hub for the arts -- talks about the current use and implications of transcranial electrical stimulation (tES) for creativity. The article brings up how tES is being explored to modulate concentration, vigilance, fatigue, motor coordination and performance.

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