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Swedish health tech startup aims to treat depression with new medical grade headset

With the rise in popularity of tDCS use at home, comes the promise of countless new start-ups looking to develop the next revolutionary treatment for depression; Swedish health tech startup Flow Neuroscience, aims to do just that.

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Can electrical brain stimulation treat symptoms of schizophrenia?

Schizophrenia is a debilitating mental disorder characterized by symptoms divided into two categories: positive symptoms-- which correspond with psychotic behaviors present in schizophrenic patients not seen in healthy people-- and negative symptoms-- referring to missing characteristics of emotion and behavior normally seen in healthy people.

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NYC tDCS Fellowship 2018

Looking to obtain hands-on training and a certification for tDCS? From October 22nd to 25th, the Center for Discovery and Innovation in Manhattan, NY will be hosting the NYC tDCS Fellowship 2018. The four day program is designed to provide an in depth theoretical background and practical hands-on experience toward tDCS protocol design and application.

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