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Theta band stimulation for improving associative memory

Problems with associative memory is common in diseases where degeneration of brain tissue occurs. It is also known that proper theta-band brain wave oscillations within the neural networks of the brain associated with associative memory performance is key to successfully encoding memory.

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tACS is being studied for targeting alpha oscillations in patients with MDD

In patients with major depressive disorder (MDD), abnormal, elevated oscillating activity of the alpha frequency brain waves have been observed—mostly located in the left frontal regions of the brain. This increased alpha oscillation strength in depressed patients have been correlated with a state of low neuronal activity

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tDCS: The Goliath of Neuromodulation
What really affects tDCS treatment?

A recent publication from Dr. Lucia Li at the Imperial College London seems to suggest a correlation between a tDCS user’s white matter connectivity and the effectiveness of their tDCS treatment.

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Deep brain stimulation improves mood in depression patients

In a recent sham controlled study with 25 participants, depression patients were given deep brain stimulation (DBS) on their lateral orbitofrontal cortex (lateral OFC), and reported positive changes in mood immediately, compared to sham sessions.  

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