New advanced tDCS electrode coming to market

Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire / Sooma Medical.

Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire / Sooma Medical.

Sooma Medical—the company behind the Sooma tDCS Therapy Kits—has just secured a US patent for its new tDCS electrode.

The electrode was developed to essentially be superior to other market tDCS electrodes in terms of decreased resistance at skin-electrode interface, decreased time for electrode preparation, and increased stimulation dosage accuracy. The electrode can also stay on the skin longer than other market tDCS electrodes while maintaining a stable connection quality.

This new electrode further reinforces the incremental trend we are seeing in tDCS toward safer and easier-to-use solutions in tDCS delivery.

Sooma products—along with the new tDCS electrode—are distributed in over 30 different countries. For those in the US, the Sooma system is sold under Caputron.