Best tDCS Accessories of 2019

We define tDCS accessories here as the head-strap electrode fastener and electrode that must be used with your tDCS device in order for your tDCS system to work properly; in fact, the accessories you use with your tDCS device are often the key to optimizing tDCS performance. We had a chance to test out every major tDCS accessory available on the market and narrowed them down to our favorites of 2019.

For Consumers

2019 was a seminal year for consumer tDCS—with more activity, users, and products than ever. See our Best tDCS devices of 2019 for our take on the best equipment. But whatever device you have, you still need the best accessories. Our pick for the best overall accessories for 2019 in the consumer category is the Caputron Universal Strap, Electrode and Sponge Inserts.

  • Reliable electrode positioning system lets you easily recreate any montage.

  • High quality, durable materials on the strap and electrode feel comfortable even through long-time use (not too soft, not to hard) and is built to last.

  • Works with any tDCS device—though Capturon typically packages it with a few of their devices like the ActivaDose and the V3.

  • Easy to clean and easy to pack.

  • Lacks the “rubber-smell” users have complained about from other accessories on the market.

  • Caputron Sponge Inserts are one of the most affordable options on the market without compromising on quality.

  • Sponge inserts come in a variety of options for sizes and shapes to cater to any tDCS electrode types on the market.

  • To ensure even current distribution and to avoid current “hot spots” be sure to keep your sponges fresh and replace them after every couple of uses as indicated on their website.

For Non-Consumers

State-of-the-art tDCS technology continues to advance and we were excited to see the latest accessories iteration in 2019 from long-time leader in tDCS, Soterix Medical. We observe Soterix Medical closely for general tDCS trends, and the SNAPstrap headgear and SNAPpad electrodes seemed like the direction of things to come.

  • SNAPpad electrodes come pre-saturated and snaps right on. No preparation necessary.

  • Especially designed for clinical and research application, which means electrodes are single use.

  • Designed for unparalleled accuracy and reproducibility for clinical and research use; the SNAPstrap headgear guides the SNAPpad electrodes to their proper positions every time, so no additional measurements are necessary.

  • SNAPstrap headgear are especially designed for a specific montage at a time.

Honorable Mentions

Although the following accessories didn’t make it to the top of our list as our favorite tDCS accessories of 2019, they still made the list for our go-to tDCS accessories in terms of ease of use, utility and build quality.


Apex ElectroSquare tDCS Electrodes

  • Durable and hypoallergenic material.

  • Unique notched corners design allows user to easily access metal conductive mesh and replaceable sponge inserts.

  • Dishwasher safe.

  • Resistance to rust.

  • Compatible with many tDCS devices on the market with the right adapter.


10/20 BraiNet Placement Caps

  • Color coded headstrap with 21 electrode locations marking positions used in the common referenced 10/20 EEG electrode placement system.

  • Rapid, intuitive and accurate electrode positioning.

  • Compatible with all head sizes, choose your pick from various sizes depending on head circumference.

  • Compatible with EEG or tDCS applications.

  • No need to spend extra time measuring and marking electrode locations on the head.