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tDCS with bipolar and more than 20 minutes long session

I am really interested in experiments and want to find something new and more powerful. I have bipolar and I tried it for 60 minutes. Here is what happened:

I did it few days ago after a very lengthy break, and it made me hypomanic. I was thinking about changing city, moving out on my own, finding my own work even if it is minimum wage work. Meeting with my long distance girlfriend. Cause right now I am living with my parents and I don’t have much independence, especially financial independence.

I think the hypomania lasted for 24 hours. I wasn’t hallucinating though, I never hallucinate. But I was sure being unrealistic. In 24 hours my motivation died down and I was grounded again. I realized what I can and cannot do with my illness and decided to compromise again and canceled my plans.

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