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New Custom Activadose Specifically for tDCS

Caputron, a New York based company that has extensive experience with tDCS, has released a custom Activadose device manufactured specifically for tDCS. The Activadose II device, originally FDA cleared for iontophoresis, has a maximum output of 80 V and 4 mA. As the current output of the device is very similar to the direct current output used in tDCS, many researchers and clinicians quickly adapted the device for their work. Over the years the device has been used in many published tDCS papers and continues to be a favorite among users.

Dr. Vincent Clark, a prominent researcher in tDCS, uses Activadose devices in his studies.


However, research on tDCS is typically done with currents not exceeding 2 mA. To accomplish this a device should have the ability to provide between 25-40 volts. The current specifications of the Activadose controller allow it to double the settings used in tDCS. A concern among researchers was that home tDCS users may attempt to stimulate above the recommended settings in order to accelerate or increase results. In releasing a modified version of the device manufactured specifically for tDCS, Caputron has provided users with an extremely reliable medical grade simulator  with a 29 V  and 2 mA max setting.

Caputron Low Voltage Activadose tDCS Stater Kit

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