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Nervous about first use, Please Help!

Hey everyone, I just got my TDCS device in the mail. I went with the Brain Stimulator (Travel Model). I am a little nervous to try this. I’m sure its just the anxiety brought on by the unknown, however, I wanted to check with the Reddit community about how to safely operate this device. I’ve searched high and low for a truly comprehensive post on how to safely use TDCS I truly can’t find one. I have a few questions before I try this. Could someone please help me? I’d like to do my first session today. My questions are:

1: What solution do I use? I purchased some contact solution from the dollar store. Its “Sterile Multi-Purpose Solution for contact lenses”. Will this work with my electrodes? I have 2×2 sponge electrodes that came with my device.

2: How long should my first session be and at what amperage? I plan to use this device to treat anxiety and depression as well as memory. The montage I have selected off “” is the very first montage used for anxiety and depression. Anode: Left DLPFC [F3) and Cathode: Right Supraorbital (FP2). How long should my first session be, and what should I increase it to?

3: How often should I use the device? 1 time per week? 1 time per day? Is a morning session better than an evening session? Should I cycle? 1 week on, 1 week off?

I’m sorry if these questions have been answered before (I’m sure they have) I just want to make sure I’m safely using my tDCS device to its fullest potential.

On a side note, I am a musician and would like to have tDCS be a part of my daily practice. Is it safe to do other tasks while using this device, such as practicing the piano? Would it be better if I just sat quietly with no distractions?

Thank you all in advanced for the help!

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