Friday , December 15 2017
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Zapping Your Brain at Home to Cure Fatigue | The Atlantic

Using remote rehabilitation to administer tDCS to MS patients.Zapping Your Brain at Home to Cure Fatigue Each day for two weeks, Bennett would don a headband equipped with moistened sponges and attached to what she called a “big cellphone”—a tDCS stimulator. When she was ready to start the session, a …

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Is e-meditation wave of the future? | MUSC News

Full article: Is e-meditation wave of the future? Neuroscience doctoral student Bashar W. Badran is exploring the Use of tDCS to enhance Mindfulness Meditation (E-Meditation)MUSC Research Assistant Caroline Summer is in background, demonstrating the tDCS device.Photo by Sarah Pack Badran, who used two different mindfulness scales and mood rating scales …

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Treating Depression With tDCS | IEEE Spectrum

Excellent article on the state of prescribed tDCS for depression. Full article: Treating Depression With tDCS: Startup Ybrain Aims for the Mainstream In South Korea, Ybrain is betting that these benefits and its slick consumer-friendly design will speed adoption of its device. “It’s designed for home use,” says Ybrain CEO …

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NYC Neuromodulation 2017 | Yannick Roy

Yannick Roy of NeuroTechX put together a nice summary of his experience at the Neuromodulation 2017 conference in New York. Read the whole Medium article here: NYC Neuromodulation 2017 Do not use the “Oreo Cookie” approach where you soak your sponge in your saline solution and squeeze it to remove …

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Focus announces EEG Dev Kit

This was announced a few days ago and to be honest, I wasn’t sure what to make of it… a battery-looking EEG thing. Certainly I’m not a ‘Dev’ and so I left it to those who are to parse the details, still…  Ah, yes, further details arrived today via email …

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Do DIY Brain-Booster Devices Work? | Scientific America

Excellent article traces the rise in tDCS interest. Includes many of the key players and links to important research papers. Do DIY Brain-Booster Devices Work? I explore how a carefully controlled lab procedure got out to the masses. #tDCS — Esther Landhuis (@elandhuis) January 10, 2017

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